Consulting Services

AAA Construction & Development executives have collaborated for many years to bring together the depth and breadth of resources necessary to meet the many challenges faces by their clients.  With almost fifty years of combined industry and consulting experience, they have built a reputation for creating a share vision with each of their clients by investing themselves personally and professionally into the success of each project.

Development Infrastructure Environment



In the highly competitive development market, bringing together the right team with the requisite insight and experience is often mission - critical to the ultimate success of the project. As part of this team, AAA Construction & Development focuses on unearthing opportunity in each and every project, from residential to industrial development.

Civil Engineering & Site Development  Services Include:

• Survey & Mapping.
• Site Plan Engineering.
• Utility Analysis and Design.
• Grading and Drainage Design and Planning.
• Landscape Design and Consulting.
• Erosion Control Planning.
• Construction cost Estimating.



Whether the objective is sustainable development or environmental compliance, the challenge of protecting human health and the environment affects business at many levels. By applying sound science and engineering principles, we assist our clients in navigating the most difficult challenges on earth in order to protect and conserve their most valuable resources.

Environmental Consulting & Engineering services Include:

• Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.
• Environmental Risk-Based Assessment and Remediation.
• Brownfield Redevelopment and grant Procurement.
• Underground Storage Tank Management.
• Underground Storage Tank Removal & Closure.
• Compliance Audits, Planning,Environmental Permitting.
• Asbestos, lead, Mold and Indoor Air Quality Consulting.
• Facility Decommissioning and Demolition Oversight. 



Increased development, a changing regulatory and an aging infrastructure present numerous challenges to our clients. from strategic planning to site development, the AAA Construction & Development team has the depth and breadth of resources necessary to address the most complex infrastructure challenges.

Infrastructure Services Include:

• Financial and Feasibility Studies.
• Wastewater and Water Supply.
• Parking Studies, Design / Consulting and Restoration.
• Utility Design and Analysis.
• Roadway Design.
• Grant Procurement & Administration.