The solution to the oil spill problem

Frequently the only response to an oil spill is to wait until the oil arrives on the coast and be prepared for cleanup of the affected coastal environments.  Many of the methods of cleanup are efficient in the removal of oil from the environment, but they have a heavy impact on the biological community several times worse than the oil itself.  Therefore, the form of cleanup is also a relevant factor upon considering the degree of impact of an oil spill.

Our initial thought should be that the oil has caused damage to the environment to a lesser or greater extent. We now have to clean up this oil causing the minimum possible damage. This can only be done by the close cooperation of oil spill response professionals and environmental agencies to arrive at the best solution to the problem.

It is the duty of the Planning Team to notify those in command of the strategy to be adopted.  The selection of the methods to be used is a very important stage in the response planning cycle.  To take the correct decision early can be very decisive during the later stages of cleanup. Therefore it is important that the right people be selected for the planning team.

They need to receive the prop information about the spill and the weather conditions, knowledge of the logistical information in reference to the availability of personnel, equipment and material.

All of these headings are part of a good contingency plan if there is one for the location.

Based on this information and local reconnaissance, the team will have the conditions to recommend to the Executive Command the most efficient strategy in order to minimise the impact to the environment and bring the response to a good conclusion, successfully and at an acceptable cost.

The response team needs to be able to justify their recommendations and clarify to the command any expected penalties, in the event other measures are taken.

We propose to clean the areas, the sand and the vegetation "In Site" with Biodegradable Chemicals MPCD and Biological Acceptable Products BIOSINFO that are Environmentally Friendly to accelerate the process of Biodegradation. To do that we need heavy machinery to mix the products with the soil and sand and a lot of hand labor "In Site".

We have the solution to the oil spillage problem in the Gulf of Mexico or in any other place. We respectfully request your attention to this problem  and the solution that we propose.

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