A Leading Stakeholder in  Sustainable Development

AAA Construction & Development has provided a variety of construction services and environmental solutions around the world.

We are divide in three departments:

• Construction:

We continue to grow by successfully delivering a balance of new and renovation work in commercial, educational, healthcare, and industrial facilities

• Environmental Solutions:

We work to take advantage of the newly approved Remediation process for the clean-up of hydrocarbon contaminates in soil and groundwater.  We can clean up anything from  a corner gas station to a large superfund site. 

We are an environmental company with our core business being insight treatment of soil and groundwater in order to biodegrade petroleum and hydrocarbons

• Waste to Energy:

By their very nature, our waste, treatment and recycling activities contribute to sustainable development: we recover and process the waste produced by human activities so that it can be returned to the natural environment in the least harmful manner possible. 

Our mission is fundamental:

Provide our clients with quality service in an honest and profitable manner and reward our employees fairly for their contributions .

Even though our business activities are geared to serving the environment, our corporate philosophy is to do more than just our job.

Doing more means looking beyond short-term commercial imperatives. The solutions we develop must be acceptable in tomorrow’s world as well as today’s.

Doing more also means going one step further. Building the most international of waste management groups, and the one with the broadest reach, brings with it that most pressing obligation of any leader: to set standards.

Doing more also means leading the way in our industry. When AAA Construction & Development establishes minimum environmental standards that apply worldwide regardless of the regulations in force, we do so in the hope that our uncompromising approach will be matched by our competitors. Does our job well or not at all — that is have our guiding principle and we taken pride in applying it.

Lastly, doing more means facing up to our social responsibilities, because it is our duty to place people at the heart of economic growth.