Waste to Energy

"AAA Construction & Development" - industrial environmental friendly technologies: turn-key waste-to-energy pyrolysis projects; bio fuel and electricity generation; treatment of biomass, electronic waste, sludge, tires and plastics, medical waste, soil remediation, technology adaptation, equipment fabrication and commissioning.

Invest in Sustainable Energy and Environment

Practical implementation of the commercially proven environmental friendly and economically viable technologies:

    • Stop polluting the environment.
    • Recover value from waste.
    • Decrease gas emissions.
    • Do not use food resources for energy production.
    • Green Energy and Environment.

Waste is one of the major challenges modern world is facing today. Every year billions tones of waste are generated and these amounts are rising steadily.

Some major wastes which affect our environment are:

    • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).
    • Different types of plastics.
    • Old tires.
    • Electronic waste: computer boards, cables and wires.
    • Auto Shredder Residue (ASR): plastics, rubber, fabrics, wires, etc.
    • Organic waste: wood chips, saw waste, organic sludge.
    • Medical waste from hospitals.

Wastes such as MSW, electronic waste, scrap tires are currently either difficult to recycle or not 100% recyclable, while other waste such as medical waste is not recyclable and shall be disposed. Another typical example is goods packaging (e.g. food) when plastic attached to other materials (aluminum / polymer laminate). This laminate is inseparable from paper at the recycling facility. All these cases result in either incineration or landfilling.

On this website you will find the economically and ecologically viable industrial solutions of the different waste problems.

Brief summary of:

    • Waste-to-energy: pyrolysis as a source of bio fuel /green electricity.
    • Pyrolysis of toxic/medicine waste.
    • Pyrolysis biomass and electricity production.
    • Pyrolysis of sewage/animal/paper sludge.
    • Pyrolysis: treatment of the decontaminated soil (oil, PCB, dioxin, mercury).
    • We perform turn-key projects of the advanced proprietary waste-to-energy systems.

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