Our Partners

AAA Construction & Development is a group of associates worldwide who work together with common principles and objectives.

Vanguard Technologies and their corporations are our associates in the United States of America.

Fanavid and Saint Mariane Santa Marina Vitrage are our associates in Brazil.

Vanguard Technologies, LLC.

3570 N.W. 62nd Street,
Miami,Florida 33147
United States of America

Mr. S.F. Echeverria
Vice - President
Business Development

Tel.: + 1 305-633-0351
Fax.: + 1 305-635-0125
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Products and Services:
Cane Harvesters
Cane Handling
Cane Loaders
Cane Transport
Special Equipment
Irrigation Equipment
Potable Water Supply Equipment
Construction Equipment
Special Services
Other Products
Vanguard M.P.C.D.®
Molecular Potential Chain Disintegrator.
The environmentally friendly biodegradable
solution to pollution problems including
petroleum spills and other forms of contamination.

Reynolds International L.P.

Rome Plow Equipment Co., LLC.


Fanavid & Santa Marina Vitrage
Av. José Miguel Ackel, 3A
Parque Industrial Cumbica
Guarulhos (SP) 07241-090


Mr. Carlos Eduardo Gianini
Chief Executive Officer
Business Development

Tel.: + 55 11 2177-9800
Fax.: + 55 11 2177 9830
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Fanavid Products:
Laminated and tempered glass for passenger cars, light commercials, trucks, buses, tractors, combine harvesters, trains, locomotives, subways and yatchs. Bullet resistant glass in compliance to the ballistic requirements of the US National Institute of Justice [Standard NIJ 0108-01 (1985)] for passenger cars, light commercials, yachts and military vehicles.

Santa Marina Vitrage Products:
Laminated, tempered, double glazing, fire resistant, bullet resistant and controlled transparency glass for civil construction industry.

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